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Good News for Beer Enthusiasts at The Palatine: A New Brewery Is Opening Near Shirlington

Heads up, beer connoisseurs at The Palatine: New District Brewing Company, a family-owned craft...

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How to Ring In the New Year Near The Palatine

No plans yet for New Year's, The Palatine? Don't fret! There are many exciting events...

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Feeling Down, The Palatine? Here’s How to Beat the Winter Blues This Season!

Winter is coming. And if the shorter days and icy air tend you leave you in a funk, you're...

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Want to Soak Up the Limelight, The Palatine? Take Center Stage at Signature Theatre!

Hop off 395 at the Shirlington Road exit, or head down the trail from Jennie Dean Park, and...

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Three Unexpected (Yet Delicious) Recipes to Serve This Thanksgiving at The Palatine

Hosting Thanksgiving at home at The Palatine this Thursday? Your guests will probably expect the...

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Sound Off, The Palatine: How Do You Feel About the Impending Retirement of Hokies Head Coach Frank Beamer?

Did you hear, The Palatine? Late last month, Frank Beamer announced that the 2015 season will be...

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