Where to Have Brunch Near The Palatine: EAST WEST Coffee + Wine

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to try for a casual but delicious breakfast, try out EAST WEST Coffee + Wine. This new-ish spot has been open just over a year now and has made it through the pandemic with plenty of takeout, but now they’re open again with a super cool vibe and socially distanced seating options for a great meal. If the sun is out you can also sit outside on the patio! 

Breakfast options are definitely a little hipster, and definitely really delicious no matter what you choose. You can grab avocado toast with feta, arugula, and walnuts, waffles with Nutella and fruit, acai bowls with berries and coconut flakes, croissants with gouda and ham, Mediterranean-inspired omelet options and more. Pair your plate with flowing mimosas or tasty lattes, or both—we encourage that, actually. If you want to eat at home, simply order takeout and bring it back to your apartment for a cozy breakfast at home.