Acme Pie Co.: Leave the Holiday Baking to the Pros

You have enough to do this holiday season. Let Acme Pie Co. handle the hard work of the pies! And not to questions your baking acumen, but can you really make pies as delicious at the creations at Acme Pie Co.? Probably not. Acme Pie Co. desserts are the perfect marriage of pastry-chef perfection with the love of a handmade grandma’s delight.

Flaky crust, buttery rich fillings, and classic flavors make Acme Pie Co. desserts a winner every time. Choose from year-round favorites like Apple or Pecan, or more seasonal selections like winter berry or Pumpkin (with a kiss of spicy ginger!). So the questions is…are you going to toss the box and try to pass off an Acme Pie Co. creation as your own? Or are you going to own up to being smart enough to just let the masters handle the pie this year? Either way, dessert is done.

Visit the website to place an order, and be sure to learn about the Acme Soup Line for low-priced entrees and pie for pick-up service.