Spend a Sunny Fall Day at Gulf Branch Nature Center & Park

Now that the sweltering DMV summer heat is over for the year, it’s time to get out and explore during this gorgeous mild fall we’re having! One perfect spot to do that is Gulf Branch Nature Center and Park. This family-friendly spot boasts plenty of nature to explore even though right now the nature center is closed due to COVID-19. Don’t let that stop you from visiting though! 

There is a network of trails that are easily accessible for all ages. Some will hike all the way to the top to experience a waterfall and get their feet wet in the shallows of the Potomac River. If you’re not ready for a hike, pack a picnic and just prepare for a serene day sitting amongs nature. No matter which version of exploring nature strikes your fancy, Gulf Branch Nature Center & Park is the perfect place to adventure this season.