Livin the Pie Life Serves Sweet and Savory Pies in Arlington

Get ready to drool. When you visit the website for Livin the Pie Life to check out the daily specials, you’ll hardly be able to control yourself. Dark chocolate pecan pie. Southern pumpkin praline pie. Peanut butter chocolate Oreo pie. And that’s before you even get to the savory selections! If you think about it, just about every combination of rich and delicious ingredients can be wrapped up into a pie format, and Livin the Pie Life isn’t shy about coming up with new varieties. From pocket pies and quiche, to the traditional crumb topped perfection, Livin the Pie Life does it, and does it well. 

Grab up a couple of their other treats like cookies, cinnamon rolls, and scones while you’re there. But don’t go conservative on your pie order. Livin the Pie Life goods freeze well for anytime cravings, and some even come pre-frozen for your convenience. Find this local treasure on North Glebe Road, and be sure to read up on the parking stipulations before you visit.