Explore DC With Greg’s Segs

Strolling around DC can be a lot of fun, but exploring the city on a Segway is a blast — just ask the folks who have booked sessions with Greg’s Segs. This unique business allows you to rent a Segway for a few hours, and will even drop off and pick up your Segway wherever you are.

Greg's Segs uses custom-built Segways that are smaller than the standard machines, but past clients say that's not a problem at all. In fact, it means that you have more control as you maneuver your way through DC’s busy sidewalks and it also means you're exempt from the city's new minimum age requirements for full-sized Segway riders (crucial if your group includes kids under sixteen). The mini Segways are also easier to get the hang of for first-time riders, so don't hesitate to reserve your ride.