Spring Mill Bread: Fresh Loaves and Sweet Treats

If you're a fan of Rocky Road ice cream, you're going to love the assortment of sweets at Spring Mill Bread. Its Rocky Road brownie is a favorite among customers, a gooey chocolate brownie studded with nuts and marshmallows. Before you indulge in dessert, though, try one of Spring Mill's sandwiches, salads, or soups.

Since the team bakes its bread in-house using high-quality ingredients, you know your sandwich will be fresh. Sink your teeth into the healthy hummus sandwich, layered with veggies, cheese, mustard and mayo, and, of course, creamy hummus. Order the hot Cajun chicken club smothered with hickory Cajun sauce and packed with crispy bacon. Pick your favorite bread and cheese to tuck inside of a golden-brown grilled cheese sandwich. If you taste a bread you like, grab a loaf to take home.