Keep Your Workout Routine Fresh at Arlington’s LavaBarre

LavaBarre makes it practically impossible to get bored with your workout. This boutique fitness studio isn't dedicated to a single mode of exercise, but rather four: barre, cycling, yoga, and TRX. With variations of each workout on the schedule, there's always something new to try at LavaBarre.

Spin classes promise nonstop sessions of cardio that will torch calories, complemented by some weight work to bring an element of strength training into the routine. The signature barre classes incorporate small, targeted movements to work muscle groups to the point of exhaustion—all without putting any strain on your joints. TRX, meanwhile, enlists straps hanging from the ceiling to provide different types of resistance in conjunction with your body weight and help you bust through a fitness plateau. Finally, yoga builds strength as it brings serenity, Piece together a weekly routine that keeps you interested at LavaBarre.