French Macarons Melt in Your Mouth at Ladurée

When a fire destroyed his Parisian bakery in 1871, Louis Ernest Ladurée decided to view the tragedy as an opportunity, not a setback. He took the chance to turn his modest bakery into a stunning pastry shop with the help of lauded artist Jules Cheret, who tackled the interior design. What resulted was one of the first Parisian tea rooms and cafe, the inspiration for DC's contemporary Ladurée, which was just unveiled days ago.

Part bakeshop and part boutique, Ladurée offers everything from classic French macarons and chocolates to candles and home fragrances. But the macarons, without a doubt, are the main reason that most folks visit Ladurée. There are tons of flavors to try, from conventional options like chocolate and lemon to more unusual treats, such as the Gingembre (Ginger Heart) and the blackcurrant chocolate. Sample a single small macaron or take home a dozen to share.