Calling All Buccaneers at The Palatine: Pair a Craft Beer With a Burger at Heavy Seas Alehouse

Heavy Seas Alehouse plays up its pirate theme with pirate logos on its pint glasses, as well as names like "peg leg fish and chips" on its menu. But don't let the puns fool you: this place is quite serious about both food and beer.

The chef has developed each recipe from scratch, with dishes like the "ruby red trout," which combines a chili glaze, black cherries, and smoked bacon with trout grilled over an open flame. The burgers range from traditional Angus with cheddar, lettuce, and tomato, to buffalo topped with fried avocado, black bean spread, and spicy papaya slaw. All pasta is made fresh in house, and regulars especially praise the wild mushroom and artichoke ravioli, crowned by roasted beets, onions, and goat cheese.

And don't overlook the beer list, The Palatine! At Heavy Seas Alehouse, you'll typically find more than a dozen craft varieties on offer at any given time!

Heavy Seas Alehouse
1501 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22209
(703) 879-4388